Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Not another Mexican restaurant, I hear you cry.

Tex Mex and Mexi-can-only-try joints are littered across the capital, and most are doing their namesake no favours. Lupita, minutes from Charing Cross/Embankment stations, is the latest to have a go at exporting the 'authentic' Mexican experience.

Working on the Strand, there are dozens of chain outlets offering takeaway food, the best at the moment being Leon, or Wasabi, for a hot cup of soothing broth (though I don't rate their sushi). Having just become a working mother, I was keen to make the most of my free lunch hour before work consumed me, and headed to try out the new kid on the block.

I can't give the place a full and fair appraisal, as I had just one dish - an Arrachera steak burrito at £6.99 - but I was not blown away.

The service is chaotic. The small restaurant, with open kitchen, was only half full at lunch service, but the staff were all fingers and thumbs, running around aimlessly as people entering the restaurant shrugged and found themselves a table.

It took 25 minutes for them to make my takeaway burrito. And it was hardly worth waiting for. Limp and lazy, the bland beef was tasteless and reminiscent of chewing on damp wool (something we all do, right?), and the sauces were insipid.
I hesitate to write off the place on the basis of just one dish, but mealtimes and lunch budgets are a precious commodity, and I'd far rather sit down at Covent Garden's branch of Wahaca - a more organised, cheerful, and above all tasty, Mexican joint - than return for a repeat experience.

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  1. Another one that I'm hesitating to even try after a slew of average to poor reviews from people I trust... Might just give up searching for good quality Mexican/ Mexi-Cali in London and move to San Francisco!