Tuesday, 4 May 2010

At Home: Jersey Royal and Wild Garlic Tortilla

Courtesy of the great Mark Hix and The Independent, this one. A sublime case of serendipity, I came upon the recipe having just picked up a bunch of wild garlic leaves from the local farmers' market, along with the Sunday papers.

Foraging and city life aren't likely bedfellows (blackberry picking on Walthamstow Marshes is about as 'wild' as I get), so Britain's finest hedgerow, orchard, and woodland treats rarely find their way on to my plate.

This is the first time I've tasted or cooked with wild garlic leaves, I'm ashamed to say, but - thanks to 'lordmelbury' tweeting that Epping Forest is groaning with the stuff - it won't be the last. Keeping it simple, combining them with organic eggs and new season's Jersey Royals, is definitely the way to go. Although they smell pungent, once cooked the leaves mellow and add a delicate piquant garlicky-herby lift to the buttery, rich eggs.

By the way, I didn't bother peeling the potatoes. And, I would shred or chop the leaves rather than leave them whole: I couldn't encourage them to spread evenly through the omelette mixture. This is noticeably flatter than Hix's creation, as I only had a large frying pan. A smaller frying pan, as he suggests, would make two thicker tortillas.

If you find wild garlic flowers, use these to garnish the tortilla.


  1. ..yes it's funny how the leaves loose their garlickyness once cooked...bit like garlic chives...

    ...my last attempt to go wild food foraging picking rosehips didn't go down very well...

    ...and good idea to chop up the leaves!

  2. I have never heard of wild garlic leaves before although will definitely keep an eye out for them. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Hello Azelia. Rosehips are notoriously tricky, I don't have the patience!

    Thanks Bodyhacker. They're definitely worth seeking out, even better if you can pick them yourself.

  4. I have only just discovered wild garlic and am a big fan - this recipe looks great

  5. If it makes you feel better the British Wild Larder is not so easy where i live either, but thank goodness I get out to explore the Scottish countryside again and stumble upon some of these wild delights.

    Your wild garlic Tortilla looks fabulous and I would have made this tomorrow for brunch, as I saw more wild garlic today, but hesitated as I still have some wild garlic soup in the fridge. I need to stop with the wild garlic picking. Not because i want to, I am due to go on holiday. So the time has come to use up what I have in the fridge.

  6. The tortilla looks delicious. I've not managed to cook anything with wild garlic this year. The only plants I've come across have been on the side of the road so I've stayed clear of those. Maybe I just need to get out more!