Thursday, 4 March 2010

At Home: Chocolate Brownies

A recipe torn from an old Evening Standard magazine resurfaces every now and again, always at serendipitous moments: an easy, brownie-style tray bake that never fails to please. Credited to Ed Baines, though not published in a cookbook as far as I'm aware, it's your basic brownie recipe, with a few extras that can be left out/modified - blackberries, milk choc bits, and walnuts (I prefer pecans, and often leave out milk choc). The blackberries are key. Stirred into the mixture, or pushed into the top, they add bursts of tart, intense sweetness to the soft yielding cake. You also get a satisfyingly crunchy crust, a must for any brownie aficionado.
  • If you want them to look more delicate and dainty, bake the mixture in individual tart/muffin tins, with a fat berry on top of each.
  • I like serving them in small bite-size squares, piled on a serving plate with a bowl of thick cream in the middle to dip them in to.
  • They freeze well, for up to 2 months (but you'll lose that crunchy top).

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  1. What a wonderful idea - brownies with blackberries. Don't want to wish the summer away, but now looking forward to the blackberry season.