Friday, 30 October 2009

Grand Central Oyster Bar

The vaulted crypt-like subterranean space beneath New York City's spectacular Grand Central Station is home to a quintessential NYC eating experience.

Back in January, taking shelter from the bone-chilling gale, we settled in for much-needed warm bowls of Manhattan clam chowder (not outstanding, but good enough), followed by a dozen Long Island oysters, chosen from a list of over 30 on offer. They were wonderfully fresh, and delicious, as they should be having been caught only a few miles away. The tiled floors and ceiling and no-fuss furnishings give the vast rooms an air of practicality, as workers and tourists happily mingle as they catch a quick lunch.

Stick with simple unadorned dishes and bivalve goodness, and you'll leave with a happy and satisfied palate, won't feel significantly poorer as a result, and will return to the streets with a spring in your step, and energy for yet another gallery, shop, park....

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